For Me, For You – No Really. For You.


{For Me, For You Etsy Shop!}

I think creativity is like a virus. I wander around the blogosphere and become so inspired, so compelled to create, so interested and invested in people and their projects that sometimes I’m struck dumb and infected by the beauty of it all.

In a poor but apropos metaphor, if creativity is a virus, then Kate at For Me, For You is my patient zero. Her blog, while loaded with beautifully curated fashion finds and music, is made infectious by her own incredible works of art and design. For me, each piece seems to be a step inside a dialogue, a mind, a memory,  allowing and encouraging you to create and be the other half.  She inspires me to great lengths, and I’m so happy that she’s opened her own shop. Visit here, no inoculations required.

(And don’t forget the giveaway folks – just a few days left!)


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2 responses to “For Me, For You – No Really. For You.

  1. You are too too too kind, lady. Wow, thank you:)

  2. So fun! I can’t wait to see what else you come up with, Kate!

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