Wanted Wednesday


{United Bamboo at Opening Ceremony}

I, like every other daughter of a nurse, got a detailed and uncensored version of the facts of life. Not in a crude manner, but in a “this is the what what, and this is the how how.” I, like every other daughter of a mother, had some inkling of the mysteries of life prior to aforementioned discussion. Like when my uncle gave me a beautiful, soft grey mickey mouse sweatshirt at about age 5 and I was so excited I jumped up and down and kicked him in the crotch. You know when your usually handsome and genial uncle turns into a snarling swearing madman they hey, there is something special goin’ on down there.

That pretty much sums up why I like this sweater.



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3 responses to “Wanted Wednesday

  1. apriljosephine

    I like the style and cut of that sweatshirt!

  2. i love how the arms are fitted while the body appears a little baggier.. i bet it creates awesome balance 🙂

  3. Best. explanation. for anything. ever.

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