{Men in Cities – Robert Lungo}

Damn yo. It’s been a rough one.

I was once standing in the frozen food aisle when I saw a child, about three years old, pitch himself down onto the ground. He lay there, kicking and yelling and screaming and wailing. And his beautiful, well put together mother put down her basket, lay down beside him, and began doing the exact same thing. Flailing her arms, kicking her legs, losing a shoe, gurgling and whooping. The child stood up and watched her. Then she stood up, and they walked away.

Some part of my psyche has thrown itself on that frozen food aisle floor and proceeded to throw a wretched, dry heaving, screeching, inconsolable fit that no amount of yoga, mindfullness or alcohol can take out of my system. I have been screaming and railing against everyone and everything, resentful and hurtful and hellz bellz babes, I’ve been mean.

Worst yet, I felt like I’ve been watching myself pitch a hissy like that resourceful mom in the grocery store, waiting to throw my other half down, nails dragging on windows to lay disconsolate and pathetic on the floor.

Ladies and gents. If we’re so grown up – what the hell is with this? Why can I write reams on historical materialsm, sew bedcovers, do basic math, feed a small army, hold down a good job and then turn into a wailing, thrashing, inconsolable banshee-bitch when I find there is no food in the fridge (again) ?

Why, dear readers, can I not walk myself to the grocery store and act like a grown ass woman in the frozen food aisle?


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5 responses to “Tantrums

  1. …because there were no frozen deep fried baby carrots. Anyone would be upset about that…

  2. Betty

    I once screamed when water came out of the tap too hot.

  3. …sometimes i feel the exact same way. great description.

  4. oh, dear. I often feel that way. I feel like I want to scream or hit something. My view is that you should just let it out when you’re in a place that it’s acceptable or let it out by venting or something…otherwise it will just marinate inside of you and then one day, someone will spill a glass of juice or your coffee will be too hot and you’re going to punch the person closest to you in the nose or really lose it in some other way…
    🙂 just sayin’….and by the way, I’m definitely projecting! lol

  5. I love your descriptions.

    And you. xo

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