Friday Five

Happy Friday lovelies. This week took the piss out of me (mind the french there) and I’m thrilled it’s over. I went out last night to see Clues, but sadly, after a stellar opener (Yes, Nice) we were left with way too much down time and 20 minutes of warm up on Clues part – and that’s the point where I left. (But honestly – Yes, Nice – very nice. Nothing like 3 kids you aren’t sure are old enough to be in the bar making everyone in the bar feel like they’re not cool enough to be there. Sometimes the local talent here kills me, it’s incredible.) I’m not so sure what  it takes to tune a saw my friends, but at 11pm I wasn’t about to stay and find out. Also, I apparently had to take out my dentures and make sure I didn’t miss Matlock. I am old.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, we’re headed to Calgary for the weekend to eat, drink and sleep. Here are some other things I’m looking forward to this weekend, aside from being a gluttonous little monster. xo



 {Mia Rushton at Stride}

{I’m kind of really excited about seeing Mia Rushton’s work at the +15 Window space. She’s a textile/printmaking all round mega multi-medium artist, and everything seems to walk that incredibly fine balance between outrageously cute and technically awesome.}



{Apart from getting to see J’s family, which is a treat, we’re going out to Farm for dinner on Saturday. I can’t wait.. I’ve already poured over the menu and barring an earth shattering gustatory stroke, I’m getting the goat cheese fritter with young spinach, shaved fennel and local roasted beets. You can’t see me, but my eyes rolled back in my head when I typed that.}



{Sometimes it is simply the act of being somewhere else. To let the dirty laundry lay where it may, to leave the bed unmade and the dishes in the sink and just.. go. To somewhere else. I am looking forward to just being elsewhere.}



{le love}

{Because he regularily does, I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with my outrageously talented and fairly hilarious boyfriend (and his family!). There isn’t a moment goes by that I don’t look forward to the next with him. gag. I know. }



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3 responses to “Friday Five

  1. no gag! so very sweet.

  2. it sounds like a wonderful weekend and you definitely deserve it!

  3. i love how well i get along with my boyfriend’s parents 🙂 i always look forward to seeing them. isn’t it wonderful to have that sort of relationship?

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