Meeting Your Makr


One of the most exciting movements in design of late (for me) is the progression/regression to simple, honest and handcrafted work. There is a connection missing in the mass produced product, a connection from me to what I purchase, and from the producer to me. (I’m sure being a political philosophy grad with an interest in Marx has nothing to do with that sentiment.) 

Flipping through Makr’s website, looking at their beautifully curated collection of photos, products and words, you can’t help but feel interested in the people behind the label and invested in what they’re making. Which in the end, makes an investment in one of these stunners all the more satisfying. Check them out, and pop over to Pacing the Panic Room for a chance to win one for father’s day. 


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  1. Lara

    Wow owow!

    While I was training to become a yoga instructor last summer (8 weeks of summer in Dallas, TX, HOT) I worked with a woman who swore her step son was a genius with wallets. I checked out his website, Makr, and was entirely surprised in that yes, he is indeed a genius. It’s soo good to see his work here and know he’s kicking butt!

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