The Gold Standard

Hello cherry blossoms – there are a few things I wanted to share today, and rather than bombard you with many posts with semi witty titles I thought I’d group them all together. It’s a sunny day here and I’m going to bask while the basking is good. See: before 1:15 when I have to be at work. xo

il_430xN.73010419{24k Gold Crystal Necklace}

il_430xN.72565869{Gold Crystal Point Necklace}

If there was to be a final word in crystal necklaces, Laura Lombardi might be it. How incredible  are these? Check out her Etsy shop here

Perhaps real jewels aren’t your thing. Then you might be interested in Nite Jewel (aka Ramona Gonzalez), who has singlehandedly convinced me that my lone goal in life is to own a wind machine and never be more than 5 feet from it. Until that time, I’ve enlisted Jared to follow me around and blow on me for a dollar a day.

For the two of you left that aren’t into Jewellery and Big Hair by themselves, we have the most perfect combo ever. Chanel’s f/w 09 Accessories preview. Which almost makes me trade in my goal of a wind machine for simply wearing a headdress 24/7. Almost.




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2 responses to “The Gold Standard

  1. whoa, amazing jewelry!

  2. Sigh. I already get strange looks for wearing big earrings in this town. On the upside, if I throw on a gorgeous headdress, nothing will change!

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