A Theory on the Restorative Properties of Cupcakes and Lilacs




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14 responses to “A Theory on the Restorative Properties of Cupcakes and Lilacs

  1. Mmmmm. Both of those things are fabulous. Also, I love your ring.

  2. So true! I miss my lilac fence at home in Minnesota…

  3. I got some strange looks the other day when I was out for my evening power stroll when I stopped on a dime to bask in the scent of a lilac bush. Quite possibly my favourite smell ever.

  4. They hold nothing but positive and wonderful memories for me. They remind me so much of my mother, of spring, of possibility. My house is stuffed to the rafters with them right now – it’s bliss.

  5. Love it – this is a surefire way to cure almost anything. I’ve been trying to comment for the past few days and my browser kept crashing repeatedly, but I wanted to say – I love your flickr feed! Love the new pictures, they’re brilliant.

  6. YESSSS. This makes me happy.

  7. what a divine combination!

    do you think lilac cupcakes could be prepared?

  8. p.

    Both of which were stolen from your geriatric neighbor

  9. Beautiful–the lilacs and the cupcake! I don’t think there is anything in life that a cupcake can’t make at least a little bit better.

  10. Lila

    love, love, love.

  11. this is so so so pretty.

  12. j

    awww, i love this post. i love the title and surprise to see its just the image. nuff said, right? indeed.

  13. What a beautiful photo!

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