Hey, who stole my bike? No, really.


Dudes and dudettes. I’m so sad – somebody stole my bike. Flat out broke the lock and peddled  away on my sweet little ride. If you happen to be in or around downtown Edmonton, keep your eyes peeled for my vintage CCM, she’s got Sea Breeze written on the side in white script. She’s really nice, very smooth, and answers to Claire. Never bites. I hope that if I don’t find her, that whomever stole her gave her to somebody they love very very much. xo



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11 responses to “Hey, who stole my bike? No, really.

  1. Oh no! I have such a strong hatred towards people who steal bikes. It’s SO mean, especially when you consider that for a lot of people, that’s the only transportation they can afford and it gets them to work etc. OR they’re trying to do the earth a favour! Either way, it seems extra mean to target them.

    I was ready to go all vigilante when some jerks stole my little brother’s bike after he saved up his money for like, a year to buy it. Grrr. End rant.

    I really hope yours turns up and that your weekend improves from here on in!

  2. Nic

    I’ve told all the chaps at the hospital to keep an eye out, if she’s around we’ll find her. Claire stay safe, stay calm, The RAH is on the job. Alice – Love you and sorry that Claire is temporarily gallivanting around town sans pilot Alice. Love you

  3. Oh no, poor Claire! I’m headed out to the Strathcona market today and will keep my eyes peeled. Because obviously bike thieves frequent farmer’s markets. Good luck in finding her, A.


  4. How’s this for weird- I’ve always sort of wanted to get a pink motorcycle and name her…Claire. Soul mates? Also, who steels bikes? That’s so mean!

  5. oh no, i’m so sorry! i hope you find her 😦

  6. p.

    Well I hope the person that ends up getting sweet sweet Claire falls down and scrapes themselves… horribly horribly bad. The bikes got a name for christs sake! Isn’t anything sacred anymore? Sheesh.

  7. What?? No! Unacceptable, no one is allowed to make you sad and they’re definitely not allowed to take your things!! Lame. I hope you at least see her around town and can find out who took it. = (

  8. now you need to enter that madsen cycle contest… people are such scummy assholes and the only hope is that your bike turns into a vicious vengeful killing machine until it finds its way back to you.

  9. Aww…poor Claire! (actually, this makes me think of The Time Traveler’s Wife – have you read that book?)

  10. A million sad emoticons could not express my sorrow for your loss. WAHHHHHH!

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