Belated Friday Five.. sorta a Monday Many


{This is my “Draw near. I have news” face.}

Cornichons. Sorry this is a bit late,  last week was a jam packed week. I hope my top five explain a little better than the photo up there of me looking like I sat on a toadstool of enlightenment and hurt my sciatica.


We had our summer street style shoot last week for the paper. In the end, it will be beautiful. In the beginning, it could have been planned better, but at 10am the morning of there wasn’t much I could do, and we played as it layed so to speak. It will be.. fantastic. As I sat at lunch  surrounded by photographers and art directors and people of immeasurable talent and style and capacity I felt so incredibly thankful to be a part of it. So incredibly thankful that I almost questioned….


….that we are moving. I am terrified and thrilled and mostly yeah, just terrified. We are packing up all of our earthly belongings into a u-haul and leaving my beloved city of 1,081,300 people and driving clean across the world country to Nova Scotia and a town of 4,236 total strangers to go back to school.  I am so thankful that in our teeny tiny household that we follow our guts, we hold hands, and we jump. Even if we’re jumping into the icy waters of the Atlantic ocean. Up side for you? Travel vlogs. It is going to be effing epic yo. (ie – I’m pretty sure I will be teaching j. how to drive in a u-haul.) I am so afraid, and so excited at the same time. It’s sort of the way I feel about organic fruit, but times a thousand.


Despite having my lovely and beautiful bike stolen last week, something kind of incredile happened because it was stolen. I walked home and twittered that my bike was gone.. and it was rapidly retweeted all over the place.. and then I started getting emails.. and phone calls.. and text messages.. From dear friends, far friends, close friends, old friends, from the bike courriers downtown, from the peace officers at the hospitals mobilized by my brother, from people driving through town, from people in surrounding towns. It was mind blowing. A friend of mine made a comment about “the power of social networking platforms” and all I could think was what I’d seen was the real power of community. It was shocking and incredible and I felt so lucky to know it was there. Even if I had to lose something to find it.


In addition to that awesomness, J and his buddies are throwing Bike Aid ’09 to help raise little old me some funds for a new bike! How lovely. More details to come – it’s going to rock my socks. And hopefully some spokes.


I spent another whole weekend with J! I have 4 weekends off in a row (which hasn’t happened in the past year) and I’ve been using up every last minute of them. We headed to Saskatchewan this weekend with J’s band, I got to be band roadie and slurpee wrangler. *smile* Mostly I just slept in Jared’s lap in the back of the Volvo and tried to fend off drunken german cowboys. It was a riot. I feel so lucky that I get to curl up next to such a talented individual every night.





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12 responses to “Belated Friday Five.. sorta a Monday Many

  1. p.

    So it’s official? You two are off to the east?? Are you both going back to school? What’s happening? ARGH!

  2. OH MY GOSH! Congratulations on the move, that’s amazing! If you’re road tripping I will beg you to stop in Winnipeg at least long enough for me to stow away in your U-Haul. If we ever move from the Prairies it’ll be out east – I can’t wait to follow your adventures!

  3. I’m with P. on the need for more details.

    Also, it’s bittersweet. I’m so, so, so excited for you guys, but at the same time I’m sad you’re leaving me! I might just have to fly out to Nova Scotia to visit.

  4. Oh ladies, how I love you. We haven’t made firm plans yet, because we both love our jobs here so much – we are, however, looking at the last week in August. Kyla – we were definitely hoping that we could stop over in Winnipeg and see you! Would you be down for that?
    J is going back to school, and I’m taking a year off. Then I’ll be heading to grad school in Halifax, and jared will finish up and join me. We couldn’t be more thrilled.

  5. Such a life you lead…roadie, photographer, chronicler of road trips, philosopher extraordinaire…I can’t wait to feed you cupcakes in return for stories once you end up in Boston. 🙂

  6. Yay on the move…except I have no idea where Nova Scotia is. I feel like such an uneducated American. You see, we did a big unit on Canada in the 6th grade, but all I can remember are the Inuits.

  7. So exciting! Do you know anyone in Halifax, or will it all be brand new?

    Now, keep in mind my birthday is at the end of August, and since you’ll be driving right through Ontario (and it’s such a tiny place), I see no reason why you shouldn’t stop by at least long enough to refuel. With cake.

  8. j

    Moving- exciting! Hey, me, too! Will inform the world on my blog eventually…

    Organic fruit IS also exciting! haha

    And the whole story of the bike and community- siiighhh. I too know the lameness of having a killer set of wheels ript off. WHACK!
    oh well. since leaving san fran, i haven’t lived anywhere where a sexy, new roadbike would be appropriate anyway… i still mourn the loss a teeny bit though. she was just so lovely…

  9. Dear Andrea,

    Would I be down for that? Yes. I would meet you at a highway diner and buy you kids lunch if that was all you had time for! Meeting you would seriously make my summer = ) Keep me posted! And if you don’t have time, don’t worry – but I will sit in a lawn chair by the highway with a sign that says hello!

  10. Tim

    I’m glad you will be going to grad school.
    Keep in touch!

  11. p.

    Wow. I can really sense Tim’s happiness for you. *hehe*

  12. Y’all are moving! How exciting! I cannot wait to hear more about the news and what will be happening with you.

    Also, you are absolutely ADORABLE.

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