Monday Must Haves!

Sweet Lauren tagged me on Dear Golden for a little meme – posting your Etsy favorites! I figured since I haven’t posted a Monday Must Have yet (mostly because I’ve been laying on the couch begging for a reprieve from this flu) that this would be perfect. So voila, my Monday Must Haves.


il_430xN.73466695{revival house}

il_fullxfull.40292272{april kawaoka}

il_430xN.68790101{eddie ross}

il_430xN.71371786{alice gao photography}




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4 responses to “Monday Must Haves!

  1. j

    yes! that lampshade is killer. in my faves too.

    wah. i have not had time to follow my fave blogs like i used to. about to catch up here…
    hope you been goooood

  2. That plate…man. I want one in every color.

  3. Love these! I love that the images you choose are so incredibly in keeping with your style that they look like you took all the photos yourself.

  4. ah! i am so happy you did this, i knew your favorites would be super cool, which is why i tagged you!

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