Sun On Her Knees. Flu everywhere else.



This is one of my favorite picture taking spots in the house. It is so warm, and my chair so soft and comfortable that sometimes I forget what I’m doing and drift off a little. I think that was definately happening in this picture.

Monday struck me down with the fury of a million hipsters denied cigarettes and Stella Artois and with just about as much panache. I had to leave work around 1, begging a ride from my bro as I shook and whined and shuddered in the passenger seat. There is something about a guy saying “Shh, it’s ok, let’s get you upstairs” and “Ok, it’s going to be ok sweetie” that sends me into sick kid overload. I crawled onto the couch and downed Buckley’s Cold and Flu, Neo Citron and a litre of Pedialyte and promptly either passed out or o.d.’d I’m not sure.

 My mother and grandmother arrive Wednesday for 5 days chez nous, and if the flu medication isn’t enough to make me go all batshit, then combining it with Comet and Mr. Clean sure will. Why is your house never clean enough when you look at it through mom eyes? Either way, I’m back at work in such a fog of medication that I’m going to sign off for the rest of the afternoon. xo pumpkins, may your Tuesday be bright and merry.


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8 responses to “Sun On Her Knees. Flu everywhere else.

  1. Oh darling, I hope you get well soon!

    Also, your shorts are perfection. xo

  2. oh no! feel better soon.

  3. Feel better, immediately. Like right away, because that’s just far too sad!

    Thinking about you!

  4. My house will NEVER be clean when I look through my mom’s eyes. Drink green tea and take garlic supplements and feel better.

  5. I love that you have a cute outfit on even though you’re feeling sick. I totally would have gone the sweat pants route!

  6. Feel better soon! My mom is coming tomorrow to drop off my sister, and I am already panicky about getting everything organized. It’s so irrational–she doesn’t pay for anything, but boy does she judge!

  7. get well soon ladykins…you can beat it!

    (and my goodness..the coral shorts are amazing.)

    Also–the comet comment made me giggle, for a former roommate used up about 3/4 of a bottle in a month…I had to clean about an inch of green caked on comet off of the entire. bathroom. after she finished “cleaning.” I mean, seriously…it took me a year to finish a bottle with three bathrooms and a family of five…it should not take you a month to nearly finish a bottle with two fairly clean college girls and one bathroom the size of a closet.

  8. Lynn

    Loving the shorts!

    I hope you feel better soon.

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