SEE Andrea in Style. Ish.

fashion_coverHello catwalkers – In the midst of “Part 1: Andrea and Her Sad Pants Take A Walk” I completely forgot about our Summer Street Style issue coming out today! I’m really happy with the people I found and the photos that M. chose. The rockin’ electro-malibu cali-80’s font.. Maybe not. But the rest? *Mwah* Edmonton, you guys rock my socks with your style and wit. Check out the slideshow here, and peep a few pics of yours truly and J in the mix.



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3 responses to “SEE Andrea in Style. Ish.

  1. these are such great looks!!

  2. So, I know we’re pretty much the same age…but can I be you when I grow up? Also, how hot are you and J?? Nice work, Andrea!

  3. Looks great! It makes me want to start taking pictures of what I wear…and then I think back to what I have worn the past few weeks, and it’s jeans, jeans, tshirts, and more stuff that I can/have to wear in lab because of safety and avoiding ruining beautiful vintage pieces. Ah well…some day I’ll get to be the dress-wearer I want to be!

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