Monday Must Have – Catch Up!

Blogger loves! I’m back. I feel so much better after an incredible weekend filled with two (2!) wheels of brie, peonies, homemade mango salsa, new sneakers.. the list goes on. Thank you again to all of you for your kind words, encouragement and suggestions, you were just what I needed to get me back on my feet. And then spur on a shopping spree wherein those feet were clad in the damn cutest foral sneakers ever. However before we get there,  I have a few things to catch up on, so lets proceed shall we?


I didn’t even forget about these.. In fact, I’ve been totally attempting to come up with beautiful and interesting ways to ship these babies to… Genevieve and Moorea! I have two of each, so you can both have the same,  or different. The draw was initially just for one, but since I’m such a delinquent blogger of late, I thought that two may just make up for it. Ladies, I will email you later today – congrats, may you wear with style and grace and tell everyone I made them for you, bespoke. (This draw was done in a totally legit manner, where J. butchered both of your names as he drew them out of a mason jar and shouted them like a pro wrestling announcer.)



Every single Monday Must Have and Wanted Wednesday that I’ve missed could be taken care of in this shop. I feel like I could really be THAT girl who wears awesome leather jackets and perfect jeans who always has a light but never smokes. Check out her incredible work here, and join me in feeling envious.


{Esra Roise}

Almost everything I’ve been lacking in inspiration (as demonstrated by my culinary choices of late – I have eaten fish sticks twice, though once I was adventurous and suicidal all at once and ate the beer battered ones…) has been restored by the lovely Esra Roise and her summery drawings. Is it wrong to covet the jewelry and fashions of line drawings? No, I didn’t think so.


{beets from a goat cheese and beet fritter on spinach salad}


{the new kicks that make me infinately happy and ok with saying the word “kicks”}


{the sudden and incredibly beautiful summer thunderstorm that descended on Saturday}

And last but not least, a few snaps of my day to day life as of late. As a gift from my grandmother I have a beautiful new MacBook that I find just about as intringuing and confusing and wonderful as string theory. It will no doubt begin a new saga here called “How Andrea Learned To Left Click”.

xo chickies, have a lovely Monday.



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7 responses to “Monday Must Have – Catch Up!

  1. I also have a MacBook. Now we can be friends. Oh wait…

  2. Aww gl with the macbook! I love mine! Make those pancake cupcakes and tell me what you think!

  3. Beautiful! I hope you’re enjoying your new computer and the brie. And the second wheel of brie. I know I am! ; )

  4. I am seriously pumped up about this necklace. I have been visiting it on your blog for weeks! I think my good vibes traveled into my keyboard and into your mason jar!!!

  5. AHHHHH YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! i am SO excited!!!!!! i am obsessed with both those necklaces, but most especially the darker one. EEK!!! i am so excited. yay yay yay.

    those shoesies are fantastic and i want them.

    and that last photo of you by the window is incredibly beautiful and filled with emotion and depth. stunning.

  6. that drawing is crazy beautiful and those flowered shoes are just absolute perfection!! where are they from??

  7. I just stumbled upon blackmarket baby a few weeks ago too and bought the wicked jean jacket with the leather sleeves along with some boot chains. I looooove them both sooooo much it’s making me feel ok about it being such a crappy summer since I don’t have to wait til Fall to wear them!

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