Ladies, start your bowlers.



Little chapeaux, I am beyond excited that it is finally sunny and beautiful enough to be patio hat weather. More than that, I am excited to be going out with Elle tomorrow to go hat shopping for just that purpose – to find beautiful and fanciful hats under which to park our asses and drink cocktails on a patio. Oh Elle – I do heart you so.



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7 responses to “Ladies, start your bowlers.

  1. what a great feather. best of luck finding the perfect hat!

  2. I love YOU my dear!

  3. Oh goodness do I love hats…I have a bright yellow one that is just crying to be worn!

  4. oooh,

    i have a great hat to send you. we were going to use it for a photoshoot but never got around to it.

    meow, you’re going to look lovely in this one!

  5. I’ll be down tomorrow looking for hats! *smile* I will stop in to see you?

  6. i’ll be in at noon and leave it at the store for you.

    perhaps you’ll shoot a photo of your pretty self in it at the very least?

    xo, eliz.

  7. I love this! I’ve been looking for a summer hat that doesn’t make me look like a 7 year old boy – my hipster bowl cut tends to have that effect lol

    I think some day it will just be at value village, and that will be the right hat for me.

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