a conversation about apartments



(my brother has a particularily fabulous apartment with a stunning view. we recently visited all it’s glory with my parents)

Me: I have to admit Dad, sometimes I’m a little jealous of N’s apartment.

My Dad: Don’t worry hunny, you have a nice home. It’s just more..pragmatic.


Jared: *whispering to me* Is that a decorating term?



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9 responses to “a conversation about apartments

  1. hahahahahahaha love it!

    (and I have to say, if I tried taking pictures like that I would look like a slouchy mess. But you look great!)

  2. I am henceforth using pragmatic as a decorating term. Or maybe a paint colour. Great photo series!

  3. Lynn

    You do have fabulous hair! Where do you get it cut???

  4. I am pretty sure my place could be considered pragmatic too–the location and view from the high rise onto the lake are beyond incredible, but we haven’t done a single thing to make it feel like home inside the apartment. My dad says I am a perpetual nomad, so that’s probably why…

    I love those pictures! My self-portraits always turn out so awkward, but those are fabulous!

  5. LOL Oh wow, you guys are so cute- I love that I met you on skype this week! Still not over it!!

    Adorable pictures. I have no where in my house where there is just a white wall, it’s all furnature and couches and clutter. I need to use you as inspiration!

  6. Those photos of you are absolutely gorgeous? And I absolutely adore that conversation. It sounds like something my sister would say.

  7. p.

    Was J trying to tempt you with number eleven on the johnny fireball whiskey shooter game??
    Picture 1 A: “Oh no… I think its coming back up.”
    Picture 2 A: “Seriously, this isn’t right.”
    Picture 3 A: “J. I swear. If you come any closer with that shot glass…”
    And all while looking GOR-GEEEE-US might I add

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