Wanted Wednesday


                                                               {american apparel}

There is a point in the summer when you’re working outdoors that taking a sandwich with meat in it becomes.. let’s say “unviable”.  When I was tree planting this would happen somewhere around mid-June; you’d open your lunch bag and realise that it wasn’t really a lunch bag, it was a veritable petrie dish of things that could throw your earning potential and your stomach for a loop.  This particular demi-scientific discovery prompted and necessitated some culinary..liberty.

For example, because you needed to get your protein after walking umpteen miles a morning, hummus was always a popular choice. So was peanut butter. Usually together. Topped with cheese. And pickles for variety. I attempted to dodge this combo for a week or so, but finally acquiesced to both trying, and eventually enjoying the gustatory assault. Despite presenting as just about the worst combination of foods ever, it was really.. really good.

One would think you could apply the same principle to the willy nilly mix of tie dye and harem pants. Delish.


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2 responses to “Wanted Wednesday

  1. I believe that combination of foods makes you either crazy or pregnant.

  2. i’m on my own this summer and eating just isn’t as fun. i’ve also been eating simply for energy instead of taste– it’s a pretty odd change.

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