Color Inspiration – Siggi Eggertsson




{Siggi Eggertsson via Booom}

Brief update on the tie die jumpsuit harem pant front: It was a no go. I shoehorned myself as best as I could into that baby, and let me tell you, almost all was lost. Including poor Elle’s lunch when she laughed at my baggy ass. But not before I pointed it out and laughed myself. STILL – I may get it anyways. It just makes me so happy. Baggy ass and all. PS – Lady, thank you for fulfilling a lifelong goal: sushi and cupcakes for dinner and drinking something delish out of a paperbag in public. Don’t worry moms, we’re stayin’ classy – it was readymade sangria from 1988. xo



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4 responses to “Color Inspiration – Siggi Eggertsson

  1. At least we imbibed out of our Starbucks cups, unlike those drunk boys on skateboards drinking beer from the can on Whyte Ave.

    If anyone can pull off a tie-dyed, harem-panted jumpsuit it’s you, A.

  2. I love the muted pastels—very pretty!

    And it sounds like quite the lovely night—friends/shopping/eating are always a great combination 🙂

  3. lol! I can’t even imagine, that would be so amazing. Maybe you could bring bustles back? You could totally pull off a tie dyed jumpsuit with a bustle.

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