Happy Birthday Mom.


Words have failed me for the past half hour that I’ve been trying to create this post. What can you possibly say to somebody who is, by nature, nurture and divine intervention, the reason that you have the words you do? Sometimes “Happy Birthday” seems so awfully inconsiderate, so trite, when what you really should say – is thank you. Thank you for sticking around for 50 years, thank you for  always offering to hit my boyfriends with the minivan, thank you for leaving marzipam penguins on my bedside table when you took late night cooking classes, thank you for giving me faith in the person that by recombinant genetics or love, I will become. Happy Birthday. I love you. xo


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5 responses to “Happy Birthday Mom.

  1. Happy birthday to your mama! This is a super sweet post, A.

  2. Aw, Happy Birthday to your mom, she made an amazing girl baby!

  3. Lynn

    Happy Birthday Mom!

    Sounds like you have raised an amazing woman!

  4. What a lovely photo of her! Happy belated birthday to your mom! I hope y’all had an amazing day!

  5. p.

    FAB shot of your mom!

    Out of respect for your mom, whom I’ve never met, I shall refrain from my usual sexual innuendos. But only this once. 🙂

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