the get aways


Phew! I may have slightly dashed off there mid – Friday, my apologies for leaving you all in the lurch with nary a farewell. We went off to Calgary with some friends to see Chris Potter and Dave Holland play at Jack Singer (what a beautiful concert hall!) and have a quick visit with J’s parents. Whirlwind yes?

Plus.. to tell the truth.. Melancholia has been going around our house as of late. We are slowly starting the process of leaving, if only mentally, our beautiful home. I’m trying to commit to memory the feel of our warm hardwood on my feet, the breeze under the door frames, the dancing of curtains across the floor. It’s a home so filled with memories and laughter and love that I can’t really imagine waking somewhere else and feeling anything but.. sad. So we’ve been sitting at the kitchen table longer, shining the windows brighter, taking more photos. Home is where the heart is.. and this place will always be in our hearts. *sigh* I know. Friggin’ lame. But I’ll miss the smell of Marlboro’s from downstairs at 3am with all my spotty lungs.


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3 responses to “the get aways

  1. Not lame at all! I’m so ready to move it hurts, but I am still almost slightly missing my current place.

    It might be a good idea to do a walk through with your video camera telling funny stories about each room…that what I really miss about growing up in one home for my early life and completely missing all that is gone now (we renovated, but there’s nothing left of the old place except a few pictures).

  2. Leaving is so difficult, and your place seems like it suits you perfectly! Are you going out east and then looking at places?

  3. enjoy it, best of luck with your upcoming adventure šŸ™‚

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