in his shirt

Happy tuesday darlings. We’ve had the nicest weather here – warm in the day, cool sweater weather at night. The Jazz Festival is in full swing so I haven’t seen very much of Jared, instead I’ve been living in his shirts around the house after work. Took some snaps last night of one of my favorites, a linen work shirt from the 1940’s. It’s perfect for this weather. (The colors aren’t as bright here as on Flickr.. check them out there at the link below.} xo babies.



DSC_0042{all on Miel et Cannelle}



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3 responses to “in his shirt

  1. I adore these shirts and this chambray looks so great on you with your beautiful blond hair.

  2. Beautiful – I love how your self portraits are always so alive with colour! That does look like the perfect shirt.

  3. Don’t jinx the weather. Today it’s pretty cool and tomorrow it’s supposed to *gasp* rain! How can we have a picnic in the rain?

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