Wanted Wednesday – Holidayz yo.



There is something so lovely about having a holiday in the middle of the week! I’m taking the day off from blogging to spend time with Elle picnicking in the park and soaking up the somewhat weak but still lovely sun. I started working on Granny Squares last night and I’ll post my progress tomorrow! I’m so excited, the end result is going to be beautiful. Happy Canada Day, may you all drink beer and make merry.

ps – When I was about 17, I was with friends driving across a big bridge here on Canada day in the back of a jeep. Some boys beside us shouted out “Are you patriotic?” to which I nodded enthusiastically. They then, boldfaced little jerks, shouted “Then show us your beaver!”. Bravo Canada, for choosing as one of your noble mascots, an undying and hysterical euphemism. I tip my hats to you young men, not a Canada Day goes by that I don’t think of you.

pss- Need to cool off? Go to flickr and search 241543903. Seriously.


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6 responses to “Wanted Wednesday – Holidayz yo.

  1. Hahaha Canadian boys are disgusting!

  2. happy canada day to you, too : )

  3. sabby

    Ooo. I am super jealous of your day off. And of your picnic in the sun!

  4. Thanks for the lovely picnic yesterday, love. Being back at work sucks.

    Also, you need to teach me to make granny squares, I’ve never been able to do it. I have an overflowing box of yarn that I’ve moved to the Boy’s. Heh.

  5. Happy belated Canada day, I hope you girls had fun!

  6. sounds like you had a lovely day at the park 🙂

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