a slice.








I feel like I discovered what weekends were really supposed to be….card games and laughter and music, sleeping in, walking in the rain, sitting in open windows drinking beer, chasing ice cream trucks, bike shopping (yay!), walking about the italian district picking up bruschetta and figs, drinking espresso and eating cannoli with my brother and Jared. The days were just so filled with sunshine and good food and genuine happiness that I found myself repeating over and over “I am so happy. This is so good.” And it was.


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6 responses to “a slice.

  1. Tim

    and it’s no less than you deserve! glad to see you are enjoying yourself 🙂

  2. L

    An update on Bike Aid is needed, lady!

    Glad you had a good weekend.

  3. Mmmm…I feel like I have completely missed out on weekends until now as well…I just love being able to relax!

  4. Oh wow- this looks amazing! Hopefully this means Bike Aid was a great success?

  5. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I do love weekends…

  6. such an inspiring post! every weekend should be like that -and some of the rest of the week too!

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