Wanted Wednesday – Anything Built By Wendy


{Built By Wendy}

Holy hot tamales folks, Monday is kicking my ass today. I wish that I had some witty story or anecdote or tale for you, but I’ve literally been running through the halls at work today trying to get things done. So, I offer these delightful dresses from Built By Wendy who is having an equally as fabulous sale. I’m debating between the black (not on sale.. but I’ll probably wear it more) and the stripes (on sale, but I could possibly fall into the horizontal hindenbergitis syndrome whereby I look like a cross between beetlejuice and a blimp, and probably not the french woman look I was going for). What do you think blogettes?

Bike Aid was an incredible success, I made a delicious sum that will let me buy a bicycle.. as soon as I can find the right now! Thank you to everyone who came out, thank you to J. for organizing, and to everyone at the Ace of Place for so graciously offering up your abode to get down in. It was lovely, and I’m so happy to have such great friends.

I’ll be back later, for now I have to beat a hasty retreat into the photocopy room where I will do what every girl with a degree truly longs to do – laminate. (No seriously. If laminating was a full time job, I’d be all over that). xo



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9 responses to “Wanted Wednesday – Anything Built By Wendy

  1. You’d look so good in the stripes — blimp you are not.

  2. that’s great that bike aid was successful!! i’m glad you’re not being too hasty in your shopping– i was and ended up with a squeaky bike. good luck 🙂

  3. Yes! Elle is correct. Be brave, buy the stripes and wear them on your new bike with a baguette in the basket!

  4. Oh I completely love Built By Wendy…and I’m pretty sure you could handle the stripes and look absolutely Parisian! 🙂

  5. p.

    what i want for wednesday is for this girl to eat something

  6. Yes! Glad to hear Bike Aid was such a success, can’t wait to see what you find- I’m also in the market for a bike, we’ll have to compare notes.

  7. Stripes for sure – sometimes the shape gets lost a bit in all black.

    What kind of bike are you in the market for?

  8. nanu

    Stripes for sure. And Beetlejuice’s stripes were vertical ones anyway…if anything, I think horizontal stripes say nautical, like pirates. And who doesn’t want to be a pirate? Arr!!

  9. Yeah, I don’t know, man…I’m thinking stripes all the way. ….And now I must traverse said website.

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