Nerves pt. 2

DSC_0004{miel et cannelle}

Late at night, with their bellies filled with beer and their hearts with love and laughter, the prince and princess were gliding across the city on their silent steeds, peddling slowly towards their castle. The train lights wrapped around the base of the skyline like pearls, occasionally blurring as the princess wiped tears from her eyes. 

The prince quickened his pace and coasted alongside her, lightly touching her back with his hand. 

“You know,” he said seriously, “I really hope they have paved roads there.”

The princess smiled as she looked at her city, and as she felt the prince slip back behind her and heard his pedals turn in sync with hers, she knew it would be ok. 



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6 responses to “Nerves pt. 2

  1. what a wonderful way to end an evening…

  2. It will be- and it will be more than ok too. It will be beautiful.

  3. It will be a fantastic adventure!

  4. Lynn

    It will be a great adventure, and we will all be here to read about it!

  5. Sweet tits. Love the writing.

  6. sigh…what we do for love! believe in the fairy tale–white horse galloping, or um, an amazing vintage schwinn pedaling at full speed ahead. you might just end up with a baby with dual citizenship and a few passports (believe me it happens!). xoxo

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