a slice







I had another lovely weekend chums, truly. Incredibly, I have Monday off as with Jared, which just about never happens. I think the universe is trying to make up for my Mac malfunctioning this weekend and iPhoto almost tossing all the photos I took of our adventures. I managed to salvage a few…

J has been baking up at storm, so our home is filled with loaves and loaves of just about every type of bread you can imagine, we took another trip to the Italian Centre for coffee and killer eclairs, I worked on another necklace and some bad prints, we spent another (the third!) night this week at the Sugarbowl – this time with Nic and Jaime drinking Ephemere Pomme and eating chicken pot pie… and J and I spent all of Sunday biking about town. Sadly, all of those photos were lost! We peddled to Old Strathcona and ended up in the middle of the annual Art Walk, so we strolled about bumping into friends left and right before heading back downtown to thrift shop and drink Chimay while we soaked our feet in the tub. My skin is warm with sun, my feet sore and my body happy. 



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9 responses to “a slice

  1. iPhoto has seriously caused me so many panic attacks! I finally gave up on it and created my own file system and use only Lightroom or Photoshop.

    The sweets look divine, and could you be any more gorgeous?

  2. That your pictures were lost in unacceptable, but it sounds like an amazing time. And J bakes?? Be still my heart, that’s awesome!

  3. Lys

    love the photos 🙂 sounds like a great weekend.

  4. Mmm bread. You look so badass in that last pic — love it!

  5. mm, carbohydrates. i love your button-down by the way– pulled off perfectly : )

  6. bread, bikes, and a beautiful weekend…

  7. You are a girl I’d like to know!

  8. That bread is homemade? It looks like something only Whole Foods could bake up. I’m jealous. Good Italian bread is my fave.

  9. oh could we? i would love a transcontinental care package with an “m.et.c” neck candy! now what could i possibly whip together for you? been working on some craftiness as of late (will take a bit still) and i don’t suppose i could post a capirinha? saude! cheers!

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