Monday Must Have – a quiet day.



{miel et cannelle}

There is a strange wind blowing here today – a storm is coming, and it’s being preceded by an all too bright and strange day. It feels like the city is holding it’s breath, the sirens have been quiet today, the kids subdued. I’ve spent most of it shored up on the couch, reveling in a stack of books, waiting for the storm. xo lovelies, may your night be calm and lovely – we’re tucking in for a storm and a movie.



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7 responses to “Monday Must Have – a quiet day.

  1. That sounds lovely. We could go for a storm around here–anything to cut through the heat!

  2. This is how today is here, I think your weather has swept over to the prairies. I have yoga and a hot shower on the agenda, and not much else – which sounds kind of perfect.

  3. The scene you just described sounds like my city today. And those blueberries look absolutely delicious.

  4. Lys

    i love those kinds of days, especially when i’m somewhere in the country. it’s not so nice in the city, as things just feel more frantic somehow, but when i’m sitting in a screened in porch on the lake…it’s perfect.

  5. I went thru an insecure phase in my life, (many years ago) that whenever I saw a copy of Madame Bovary show up on the scene, I would panic.

  6. *sigh* which is why I bought it for the floral cover.

  7. Beautiful. My quiet day is Tuesday… I’m taking a lot of naps.

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