Promise to Write – Threefold



One of the exciting parts of “travelling” this summer is the postcards to friends I get to write. I’m considering stocking up on a few like this so when we go through what may be (and forgive me if it’s not) unscenic and unpostcardish towns (I’m afraid for you Flint, Michigan) that I have something nice to send out. These amazing cards from Threefold may soon be on their way to you! xo



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3 responses to “Promise to Write – Threefold

  1. Lys

    i love sending out postcards or little handmade notes when i’m on the road or haven’t seen someone in a while. it means so much to me when i receive things like that, and it just feels so darn good when i know i’m brightening someone’s day and don’t expect a thing in return.

  2. Pretty! Love these.

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