Wanted Wednesday – Spats. Ok. Courage and Spats.

spats{via Allen Company Inc}

First offs sweet tarts – I am fine. Mayhap I am still stuck under the bell jar, floundering a little in the thick air, but as they say – this too shall pass. Time, whether I like it awfully or not, appears to sweep me along with it’s indifference hands regardless of my protestations.  I am caught somewhere between those niggling dots on the clock, where I am not one minute nor the next, but hung by my neck from the second hand in the ether. I am, and continue to be – stuck.

However, this does not stop me from wanting deliciousy ridiculous items such as spats. Can you imagine those grey ones with black thick heeled shoes and  tightly pegged skinny jeans? Why, if I wore those I’m sure I’d be happy spending my whole life languishing in the milliseconds that I’m mired in.

I joke. xo lovelies, xo.


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4 responses to “Wanted Wednesday – Spats. Ok. Courage and Spats.

  1. I can totally see you in spats.

  2. I always coveted my cousin’s marching band spats.

  3. Ace

    You write so well. I love your way of explaining things. It makes me jealous and a bit sad that I didn’t stick with english. But none the less I love it, please continue. Also, get said spats and show us pictures!

  4. Beautiful! These would be so much fun to play with!

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