Pendleton meets Opening Ceremony meets My Closet



Pen3{Pendleton/Opening Ceremony}

Given the fact that I spent all night on the Latitude 53 / Joey’s patio’s with Carlynn last night because it was too hot to be inside anywhere that had walls and a ceiling and didn’t have fresh ice, it does  not stand to reason that I also spent a large portion of the day lusting after that first wool jacket up there.

However, it also does not stand to reason that at over a quarter of a century old I have not learned the lesson that gin, cognac, red wine and beer make bad bad bedfellows.

Yet I love them all, jackets and spirits both. *sigh*

ps  – I’m fairly aware that everyone else appears to know about this collabofashion adventure already. But I didn’t. And it really is fabulous.



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6 responses to “Pendleton meets Opening Ceremony meets My Closet

  1. Car

    bahahaha I’m a bad influence perhaps…
    Also, that’s so cree. ;o)

  2. Ahh, agreed on all accounts! I too love jackets AND spirits of all sorts : ) Hope it gets cooler for ya so you can put one of these lovelies to good use (loving the 1st one)

  3. You’re just looking forward to Nova Scotia winter!

  4. So beautiful! Thank you for posting this- what you’re late to the game on, I would probably never even hear about. Post away! =)

  5. That first coat and the one with the peplum are insanely nice.

  6. I LOVE THESE!!! the last one, i need on my body right now, despite the heat.

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