All’s Fair in Rides and Corndogs





{miel et cannelle}

Spent a wonderful evening at the fair last night, something about the bright lights and spun sugar makes me giddy like a teenager. Even though the only ride we could both stomach was the tilt-a-whirl, my stomach had butterflies holding J’s hand. But it might have been the excess of peach juice I drank. We’ll never know. xo

ps – The first time we went to any kind of festival together, there were corn dogs. I’d never had one, so figured this was my chance. Jared has a photo of the exact moment that I discovered there was a hot dog inside. I thought “dog” just referred to it’s weiner like shape. Pleasent surprise I tell you.



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4 responses to “All’s Fair in Rides and Corndogs

  1. Lys

    oh gosh, such whimsical photos! and that’s too funny that you didn’t know there were hot dogs inside corn dogs, haha. they really are quite good if you can get past how bad they are for you. ahhh, childhood.

  2. I love the corn dog story. You’re so precious.

  3. I love the corn dog story! I can’t imagine a better surprise to find inside something than a hot dog!

  4. Aww…corn dogs are the perfect fair food! đŸ™‚

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