Vote for.. well.. me.


{Vote Here! Vote Often!}

So that adoreable dress from dear golden has got me in the runnings for a 50o$ gift certificate to Holt Renfrew! I’m pleased as punch, but need to call upon you my dearest most democratically moved (but not immune to bribery and pet names) to vote for little me in the competition. You can, my darlings, even vote more than once for me. Not saying that your fair-is-fair hearts should, but you know. I do love you all. xo


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9 responses to “Vote for.. well.. me.

  1. I love democracy. Also, it makes sense that if I think you are 500 times better, I get to vote for you 500 times.

  2. I will indeed vote for you – only because sailor stripes are super cute 😉

  3. yay! congratulations.

  4. Lys

    i’ve voted for you about 3 times tonight, haha. i’ll do some more tomorrow. i can’t believe that one girl is up 71% (your outfit is way cuter…)

  5. Voted early & often!

    ps – I hate their polls Missy Minimalist has totally got this rigged, I swear.

  6. sabby

    voted, voted, and voted again!

  7. i voted for…well…you!

  8. Didn’t even know that was you when I voted for you!

  9. good luck. just tried to cast a vote, but it’s closed …

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