Bon Weekend


{miel et cannelle}

Hello lovelies – I’m taking the weekend off blogging, had a bit of an accident last night – an elderly lady ran a stop sign and hit me on my bike. Yeah. I’m ok. I feel.. like I was hit by a car. I’ll tell you all the relatively hilarious parts (for serious, I was crying from laughter in the ER last night.. my neckbrace filled with laugh tears and we thought I might drown..) later when I have some humour about me. I have some roadrash and oddly a broken toe, my hip is turning blue  and my hands hurt a bit too much to be extolling the virtues of beer and corndogs to you. I’ll be back on Monday-ish, I hope you all have a beautiful and relaxing weekend. xo




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8 responses to “Bon Weekend

  1. synesthetess

    Glad to hear you’re okay. How did your bike fare?

  2. Lys

    oh no! i’m glad you’re okay! heal quickly!

  3. Oh boy, you poor thing!! Take care and rest up….looking forward to hearing the story. I always say, everything unfortunate can always be a good story down the road (like today when a bird shit on me).

  4. oh love how terrible! I hope you, your bike, and the elderly woman are all a-okay!

  5. Oh sweetie! How scary. I would have some left over scary feelings left if I were you. I am so very glad you are relatively OK. Take bromelain. It’s cheap and a wonderful supplement for any inflamation or soreness- used for arthritis pain etc in natural healing and it works. When needed I take three, three times a day. xo

  6. Something will be on your doorstep in the coming days. keep your eyes peeled. love, Moorea

  7. Jesus, are you okay?!! Is your bike okay?? = s I’m so sorry, lady, yikes! I would be sending over cookies and tea if I was near you ❤

  8. hope you are feeling better and j is gingerly kissing all your boo boos!

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