a slice







It was a quiet weekend as my body tried to regain some sort of high strung homeostasis. Jared would like you all to know that he would be a really great boyfriend “if I ever had some sort of horrible terminal illness” (?) and did a great job this weekend of lifting me in and out of cars and letting me sleep in parks in the sunshine. Spent a beautiful few hours at the racetrack with Elle betting on ponies, drinking beer and cheering on Julie, Julie, Julie (20-1? yeeps. We’re suckers for the underdog). Slept a lot, and tried not to walk around like a robot, fed my picky appetite with things like ice cream and fruit and tuna and avocados and realized I have Monday off too! What did you guys get up to this weekend?



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4 responses to “a slice

  1. my goodness, just read about your accident! hope that you are on the mend asap.

  2. Poor Julie, Julie, Julie. We all need to have something to hope for. If Julie, Julie, Julie can win someday, we can ____ (fill in the blank).

  3. Lys

    i’m so glad you’re okay and healing well and under the great care of your loving boyfriend 🙂

    i’ve never been to a horse race, i can only imagine how much fun that would be.

  4. Carlynn

    Completely forgot about that dress you found! Can’t wait to see you wearing it again :o)

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