Monday Must Have – Distilled Style

BookCoverG10_14Web1{Available in the US August 12th, by September everywhere else}

The day got away from  me a little bit yesterday… Not sure what happened. Well, not true. When you reward every small movement and triumph over an achey body with ice cream and raspberries and blueberries, there really isn’t much motivation to kick start your day – or at least kick start it in a direction away from the freezer. 

As a result I spent most of it reading and listening to music and being a vegetable. It was nice, and a perfect way to preempt the back to work blues. *smile* I can’t wait to snag Schuman’s new book up there – hopefully while we’re traveling through the states I can nab a copy before it hits Canada, it would make for some inspiring car reading. Looking. Are there words? Does it matter..? xo



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4 responses to “Monday Must Have – Distilled Style

  1. yes! he’s a winner, surely. both in the photography sense and in the picking out great styles.

  2. ooh. man, i want that book so baaaaad.

  3. is it wrong that the main and most compelling thing about Scott’s site and book to me is…….

    the name!?

    i can’t help it. i’m a word freak.


  4. Carlynn

    Question: is J capable of driving the u-haul, or will you be reading/knitting/taking photos whilst driving?

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