Vote – “the one in the stripes”

theedmontonian{ via The Edmontonian}

Sometimes a girl is just so bleepin’  lucky. The amazing Sally posted my plea for votes (and subsequently change.. come on y’all, I do nothing if not think global) at the Edmontonian

My speech to the masses below, but you can cast your ballot here at Fashion Magazine. Vote for Andrea. The one in the stripes.


My Dearest Edmontonians.

I come to you today with arms and pocketbook wide open, looking for your votes.

I am on a quest, a quest of epic size two proportions to make this city, this province, and this world, a sartorially better pin-tucked and peg-rolled place. By voting for me, you strike a blow against those neutral naysayers, those drab designer dupes, those disingenuous ingenues that plague our fair city and our fair town and indeed our country with their faux-pas and their faux-fur. A vote for me counts as a vote, might I even say, against those paltry and pale executives and their pastel pastiches of wives who run the oil sands.

Yes, my turned up cuffs and turned out looks will battle the urban encroachment of Ed Hardy hats and Croc’d feet yes, I will even say, the oil sands themselves. With bankers collars and Blahniks I will stem the tide of sulphurous fumes and another CK1 derivative release. I will bring vegan cafes and steakhouses into harmonious brotherhood under the shared banner of good style. Edmontonians, now is the time.

Fashionistas of Edmonton, of the world, unite, and vote for me. In the stripes.



Hell yes Sally. Hell. Yes.



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5 responses to “Vote – “the one in the stripes”

  1. This is amazing! I’ve already voted for you about a hundred times, but I had to do it again. Just because.

  2. Lys

    i’ve been voting for you every time i see the link to go there. i think it’s skewed. you’re a winner even if the friends of those other girls don’t think so!

  3. i’m voting my ass off.

    penpal, you win, even if the polls sway the wrong way.

  4. You’ve always been the one in the stripes in my heart.

    (Voted, a bunch!)

  5. I definitely have voted a few times! I hope you win!

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