Wanted Wednesday/Inspiration – Oscar Diaz




{Beautiful ink calender by Oscar Diaz via Dezeen}

Feelin’ a bit world weary this week, seriously lacking inspiration and drive to be anything but.. mediocre. Beige has an upside right? Prefferred color of 99% of pantsuits, followed by Ecru?

But seriously folks, the world is just bringing me down this week. Have any tidbits to offer? Some knock knock jokes?? Cute animals? Good music? I’m all yours.

The Wanted Wednesday is being combo’d in here – Miel et Cannelle is looking for a re-design. I thought this may be something I would be capable of taking on myself, but it really isn’t. I’m looking for a new look, a .com and in the end, a new name (secret projects are my fave). If anyone is interested, or knows somebody that may be interested, I’d love to pay somebody to take this mammoth job off my slightly bruised and sadly idle hands. And I don’t even mean pay in cupcakes. Just in case that was a worry. Contact me here, any and all emails will be read and returned, but those with pictures of baby foxes first. xo



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4 responses to “Wanted Wednesday/Inspiration – Oscar Diaz

  1. I prefer my pantsuits in black. Maybe a pinstripe.

  2. mediocre? not a chance, doll face. i shall send a video your way that may make you laugh. and one day, when you are a mom, too…you shall laugh some more. only harder this time.

  3. My first thought when I looked at that calendar was “…….wouldn’t that stain the wall still?” I’m so lame sometimes lol

    I would be happy to help with the redesign and getting things switched over- while I can’t design from scratch I could mess around with any pre-existing theme. We should skype about it =)

  4. Lynn

    The new Pete Yorn makes me happy…maybe it will help you. Hope you are feeling better!

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