Monday Must Have – God. And things on sticks.


{Pies on a Stick via Neatorama}

Dear Lord.

 Literally. This is a letter.

There is a special place in my body for red wine. That place used to be called my liver. In an (un)fortunate turn of events that may or may not have involved a hot tub, a bottle of wine to myself and a YM-like confessional of the fact nobody wanted to be my date to my high school graduation SO I DIDN’T GO, I spent last evening in the company of some lovely gentleman and a lot of bats? I know right. Dear baby jesus – please make the pain go away, and send me some mini-pies on a stick. Then maybe I can poke them far enough down into my stomach so as not to be reacquainted with them in a scant ten minutes.



(The girl who turned away from church when they stopped using the good tea and the fancy tea cups and nobody wore hats there like in the movies. )



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8 responses to “Monday Must Have – God. And things on sticks.

  1. Dear Andrea,

    I hope you feel better soon. Those pies look very yummy. If you were close by I’d make you a blueberry pie…with ice cream. Yum.



  2. Well, if you ever go to the Minnesota State Fair, you could have casserole on a stick. Or pickles on a stick. Or waffles on a stick. There are lots of options… 🙂

    (also–there are these nifty pie irons that let you make pies out of pie filling, bread, and butter at bonfires. =best idea ever)

  3. oh no! wine is just too easy to drink sometimes…

  4. MINI-PIES ON A STICK?!?! Thank you, SO MUCH, for sharing this discovery!!

  5. mmmm pie.
    i hope your bod feels better soon darling and your spirits lifted. ❤

    i like to go to church, but mostly just the ONE church i found in Seattle that I like. dressing up in fancy things may have a little to do with it… and 1. because they are small 2. because a lot of people are artist and musicians 3. everyone is nice AND fun 4. people are smart and not cheesy 5. the music there is like hymns via belle and sebastian or Camera obscura, (there is a 12 piece orchestra and more and the guy who composes the music is in the band KayKay and teh Weathered Underground.)

  6. Ohhh you make me laugh. Send one of those pies my way, I could use it!

  7. Mini pies on a stick? That is awesome.

  8. Those pies on a stick look amazing. I wonder what they are filled with?

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