Happy Birthday J.


He still makes this face when he’s really excited. I adore how you can almost see the screach thats coming, the tensed little boy fingers, the excitement. You are incredible. I love you babe – I can’t believe that we’ve now celebrated three birthdays each together. You are one of the most talented, loving and intelligent people I know and you bust a mean hammer dance. I gots mad love for you, and always will.



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8 responses to “Happy Birthday J.

  1. Aw, love! Happy birthday J!

  2. Ha! What a cutie, love this. Happy birthday J!

  3. haha, cute. Happy birthday J!

  4. So cute! Happy birthday, J!

  5. This is amazing! What a perfect moment to capture.
    haha. I just scrolled up and looked at it again. It’s too good! It makes me inordinately happy and giggly.

    Happy birthday J!

  6. J

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! I had a blast.

  7. Carlynn

    too cute… the photo, you, your lovey dovey love… aw shucks.

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