Guest Blogger – Alana From Good Girl Gone Blog!

Hello Darlings – I’m just stopping by to let you all know that I’m taking a bit of time off blogging in order to get my life in order (and in boxes!) Though that life is currently just about as pleasant as heat rash, I’ve got some beautiful ladies who’ve graciously agreed/volunteered/been coerced into guest blogging for me for the next week or so. I can’t thank them enough – please, show your support and appreciation for them keeping me afloat in the insanity and steroid cream of life. Take it away, Alana from Good Girl Gone Blog! Bisous to you all. xo



{My favorite little birds (all of whom I’ve affectionately named
“Timothy”), Boston at night, snow on my birthday, street performers at
Faneuil Hall (I’m the girl in red!) }

Today was gloomy and a bit chilly, but I absolutely loved it. After spending almost a week in the hot, dry and desert-like locales of Las Vegas and San Diego, returning “home” to Boston was better than I expected. I abandoned public transportation and instead decided to spend the day on foot, something I typically do when I’m upset and need to think. Some of my best Boston discoveries have stemmed from solitary walks taken after a breakup or as much needed therapy, and today was no exception. I shopped on Newbury St, got lost in Back Bay and took photos of things that struck emotional chords.

I think I fell in love all over again today..


{Pigeons in Copley, the ugly mismatched flowers that surround BU, NCAA champion
hockey players sunning themselves on the “Bu Beach,” bicycles in the springtime}

I contemplated my last year, returning to places I’ve avoided all summer because they remind me of a boy. Though I couldn’t bring myself to walk the esplanade along the Charles river, a place so full of memories of him, I stared at the water from a safe distance and remembered… I don’t think of myself as a super-sappy person, but I forced myself to hold back tears. This city is so full of memories, both happy and sad. I paused across the street from my old brownstone and sighed. A boy coming out of the building next door stared at me like I was a crazy person, while I stood there, thinking about how much I miss my old roommate, Megan, one of the kindest, silliest and most unique people I’ve ever met.

I think I fell in love all over again today, with a place, a city full of memories and possibilities… 


{Summer blossom, the new (ugly) BU signs, Boston marathon runners,wild turkeys crossing the street in Brookline}

I can’t wait for Andrea to come visit Boston so she can fall in love with it as well. We’ll get tea from Espresso Royale, take a million photos of boats on the Charles…we’ll go to my favorite book store and cafe on Newbury St. and take the T into Harvard Square…

{all photos courtesy of me (Alana) or this stellar photographer}




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5 responses to “Guest Blogger – Alana From Good Girl Gone Blog!

  1. Oh Boston…what a wonderful place!

    Alana, I’ve been here for about a year (grad school, yo!) but it’s been a lovely affair: good food, long walks, lots of people…I’m so thankful to live here.

  2. You have made me want to book a flight asap to boston now!! I have never been but I am dying to go.

  3. what great images. summer reminds me of a boy as well. not the boy but a boy. and even tho i am completely in love… it does bring back some memories. amazing memories but sad ones to think of a lost love. but you made me want to visit boston asap! 🙂

  4. Boston is one of my favorite cities in the world. We were so close to moving there, but ended up in Austin instead. At least they rhyme!

  5. Aww I’m so glad you all like Boston as much as I do 🙂 Come visit?

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