Inspiration: Mitch Epstein

29492728{Mitch Epstein via nytimes}

This about sums it up right now – how are you holding onto the ends of summer my darlings?


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6 responses to “Inspiration: Mitch Epstein

  1. Ugh, we’re still waiting for it to arrive! We’ve had maybe two weeks of heat and sun. Third coldest summer on record here. NOT COOL.

  2. same here darling.. i remember this time last year it was 35+ for the folk fest and fringe.. i feel like the weather is chasing me out of this province..

  3. Ace

    Personally I’m holding on by sweating my ass off around Manhattan every day. Next week is my official last week in NYC, so I’m soaking up as much sticky, sweaty, city goodness as I can.

  4. Personally, I am so excited for summer to be gone. Fall and winter are my favorites. They are amazing. No allergies. Amazing lighting. Warm, comforting drinks. And the fashion!? I die.

  5. I’m with you Gooseberried – I look better fully clad in woolies. Summer is NOT my bag.

  6. Carlynn

    Yes! I second (third?) that. When I see Fall clothes in the stores, the burgundy sweater vests make me gush. Bring on the layering!

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