Belated Monday Must Have – Guest Blogger: Moorea from Rumination Reading Room

A lady after my own heart, Moorea Seal is blogging for me today. I have to say.. Moorea, her stylin’s, her singing, and her words leave me with no less than a big girl crush. She’s the sweetest, and a blogger I can’t wait to meet.. xo lovely lady. (Ps – is that the longest post title or what? sheesh.)


Me oh my, what a busy weekend I have had!  A few of my friends and I participated in the 48 Hour Film Festival in Portland, Oregon this weekend.  That mean’t no sleep and many hours of silliness and fun.  My friend Zeek Earl was our cinematographer, producer, writer, director.  You can check out more of his short films and things here:  .  I’ll keep you posted on when the film is up on the internet over at my blog Rumination Readling Room.

My role in the film consisted of costume designer/music writer/performance artist.  I brought loads of vintage dresses for our leading lady, made a bow tie for the lead man, and wrote a song called “Young Love”.  I’d say the movie starts of as a quirky romantic comedy but turns into something wilder, or goofier perhaps.  After all this monkey business this weekend, I just want to curl up on a fancy chaise lounge in my prettiest dress, read a good book and listen to some catchy music!

My dream outfit right now would look something like this:


My dream chaise lounge would look like this:


Reading List:  Anything by Kafka.  Right now I am reading a few of his stories such as Metamorphasis, The Judgement, and The Penal Colony.

And what’s ringing in my ears right now:  The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.  Lordy, these kids are good.  I just saw them in Seattle a few weeks ago and my heart leapt out of my throat.  Listen to “Stay Alive” on their myspace:


I hope all you little lovlies out there had a wonderful weekend, whether it was as bustling and chaoticly fun as mine, or as peaceful and pretty as the day I am dreaming of today!
❤ Moorea


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4 responses to “Belated Monday Must Have – Guest Blogger: Moorea from Rumination Reading Room

  1. ps, the title of the movie is “Flirting’s For Dummies” and don’t worry, the title is quite deceptive…

  2. I often dream of the day when I find an affordable yet gorgeous and elaborate chaise longue like that which will somehow fit into my little apartment, surrounded by stacks and stacks of books.

  3. I’ve always wanted to come home one day and lie in a chaise just like that, cuddled up with a book and a cup of tea. Dreamy sigh!

    Lovely post!

  4. I was at a party last weekend and one of my friends suggested I read the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I told her I was reading Kafka right now, but I would think about it.

    She said, bluntly, “No you won’t!”

    She was right.

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