Sneaking In – Yarn Over Movement

Hello bloggies.. I miss you so! I’m sneaking in for a quick second today, I just had to share this lovely gal with you – I’m so head over heels for her and her adorable product shots, wallpaper and simply autumnally awesome knit wear.




Find her shop here, and her lovely blog here.



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4 responses to “Sneaking In – Yarn Over Movement

  1. Carlynn

    I want that turquoise neck tie!!! Maybe I should figure out how to knit again… or maybe just buy it.

  2. fuchsiag

    That’s KylaRoma’s new kitchen wallpaper!!

  3. Shayna Quinn

    i was gonna send you a message saying that i had just stumbled across your blog and that i liked it – then i saw this post…..
    I TOTALLY HAVE THAT NECK TIE IN TEAL GREEN! with matching beret and fingerless mittens AND the whole set was knitted by a little old lady in Levin (new zealand) for $5 nz (2.50ish$us) BEST BUY EVER.

    – great blog.

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