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Damnnit Tammy – you made me cry. And you made me realize that I really will write my own adventure, as soon as I stop referring to this move as “a two year extended vacation where I take all my stuff”. Sometimes it takes somebody half a world a way to remind you that the courage you need, and the words you need, are right in front of you. Thank you lovely lady. (Please, go be inspired by Tammy’s incredible blog – the woman transported her life from the USA to Brazil for love.. I got nothing on that. 😉 



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I RSVP’d to the invitation with nary a thought.  Guest write on Andrea’s lovely blog, you betcha!  But then the pressure mounted.  What angle should I approach?  I thought of breathing a bit of Brazilian Bossa Nova into a Canadian Goose.  But after the initial run through of Samba, Soccer, bikinis (small bottoms), Feijoada and Brigadeiros, I thought to myself, I’m no expert on Brazilian culture.  I just live here.  The most Brazilian thing I seemingly possess is my husband, my zip code, and a pressure cooker.  Speaking of pressure cooker, I started to feel like one–chock full of Brazilian beans, tension mounting. 

And then the idea came.  A game–the quintessential ice breaker at the blog party I’d been so kindly invited to enjoy.  Do you remember Mad Libs? So here goes.   An ode to brave Andrea and her courage to transplant her life 5,000 kilometers in the name of love and adventure.  My fingers and toes are crossed for you, dearie.

Rules of Play:  Give it some months and then fill in the blanks:

Once upon a time, there lived a (insert adjective) girl from Edmonton.  At the invite of her (insert adjective) boyfriend, she accepted the invitation to drop all of her (insert noun), (insert noun), and (insert noun) and pack her (insert noun) and travel many, many kilometers to a new city.  It was hard for her to pack her bags.  She was not zen and owned lots of (insert noun).  Aside from packing up her worldly possessions, she was (insert adjective) about leaving (insert noun) and knowing that she would not be able to (insert verb) at (insert noun) anymore.  But she put on a brave face and tried to pretend that she was (insert verb) on a travel holiday.  After all, she was planning on stopping at (insert noun) along the way and eating (insert noun), as well as (insert verb) at (insert noun).  Quickly the day approached, she said her tearful goodbyes and promised that she would (insert verb) as soon as possible.

The trip was (insert adjective) but J was (insert adjective) and soon they arrived to the land of folk and traditional music.  J promised he would make her proud (insert verb) and quickly they set up home in their new (insert adjective) (insert noun).  What she loved most about her new abode was the (insert adjective) (insert noun) and (insert noun).  The first months passed (insert adverb) and she discovered that her favorite breakfast was at (insert noun).  The coffee was (insert adjective).  She found a vintage shop that sold amazing (insert adjective) (insert noun) and only had to buy (insert noun) at  She replaced her love for chocolate and blue cheese steaks with a new local dish called (insert noun).  She also was pleased to discover that her Chimay Blue Cap drinking habit was replaced with (insert noun).  She even found a place that cut her bangs just (insert adjective) enough.  The new town inspired her to foster a new hobby, (insert noun or verb).  She also spent (insert adjective) hours staring at the walls of her new favorite gallery (insert noun).  She liked the work of local talent (insert noun). 

Overall life was (insert adjective).  She started to make many a (insert adjective) friend.  And soon the (insert adjective) invitations came.  Her first fiesta was (insert adjective) and she wasn’t even embarrassed when she (insert verb) at the (insert noun).  A sure sign that she was again her old self in this new land…and a better more (insert adjective) version.  J was (insert adjective) and so was she.  They decided they could finally uncross their (insert noun).  It seems they weren’t so mad after all. 

The End.


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6 responses to “Not So Mad (Libs) – Guest Blog by Apronstrings and Pretty Things

  1. Oh my gosh- this is amazing. Beautiful!! I have another blog to add to my reader it seems! lol

  2. Ah! This was brilliant, inspired and so very thoughtful! I’m with Kyla. Tammy’s is one more blog I’ll be reading.

  3. Denise Stoerkel

    Bravo Tammy. Love the article!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No other but your MOM!!!!

  4. aw shucks, i expected positive feedback from my mom (i feel like a teenager in a school play, mom!). but thank you everyone and a big thank you to andrea. loved the opportunity to share.

  5. Bravo, this was a an amazing, sweet article! Thank you for writing this :*

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