Guest Post – Kyla Roma

Hello lovelies – This is the last guest post! I have to thank you all for being such amazing caretakers of Miel et Cannelle – you all made me a bit weepy with your talent. It was a much needed week off, and I’ll be back to posting tomorrow! But for now, one of my favorite bloggers, and dearest friends – Kyla Roma.




I’m often amazed by the little moments in our lives that feel as epic as anything we could watch on stage. I remember how small we can feel when we take on the big moments without crowds gathering to applaud our successes and hiss the villains we encounter. I know how large this world, this country, can feel when I’ve tried to decide where to set my feet down- east or west? Suburb or downtown? How do we decide where home is? Who home is? Sometimes, as in Andrea’s case, when home is a person, being close to home means packing your bags and moving halfway across the country.

I wish that all of those decisions meant only new beginnings, new horizons, new friendships- but the reality is that these moves mean endings too. There are last boxes to pack, last hugs, and last meals at favourite restaurants. There are moments of doubt, of anxiety, and of waking up in the night wondering where this will lead you. Of who you’ll meet, who you’ll stay in touch with, and what your city will look like the next time you visit.

I believe in acts of fearlessness and bravery.

I believe that Andrea is one of be most fey and exhilarating people I’ve met in my little life.

I believe that all of her wishes should come true.

You are a warrior, little girl. Have an amazing adventure out there, and please come back to write us about it sometime.



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4 responses to “Guest Post – Kyla Roma

  1. This is such a fabulous post. xo

  2. This post made me a little homesick.

  3. beautiful guest post 🙂 i love that image!

  4. Oh, I love this, Kyla. So poetically written and so darn true.

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