Greetings from Ottawa/Montreal! 

It really is no secret that almost the entirety of every decision I make is based upon the probability of food, and preferably good food, being availible to me. Lest it be said that “good food” is an objective statement, today was spent in the pursuit of stacks of smoked meat sandwiches from Schwartz’s deli in Montreal. Actually, I’m not going to lie, everything I ate today came in either ice cream or sandwich form, and in one delightful cosmic twist on the car ride home, an ice cream sandwich. 


{Schwartz’s Deli counter – it’s a little bit gross, all the piles of meat. I tried not to drool.. I mean.. look.}


{I don’t know why I’m so excited. Oh wait. I do. Sandwiches.}

DSC_0860{Mine had about 1/3 of the meat taken off. I couldn’t stuff it into my face. Pity.}

I’d really like to tell you all about the exciting things we’ve been doing…But we’ve only been here for a day and a half and I am simply reveling in good food, my mummy’s soft hands and kisses, sleeping with my puppy on my feet and having somebody else make coffee. We leave for Maine in a day, but that seems so deliciously far and dreamily distant, six meals, a millions kisses and a day of wandering away. xo lovelies

ps – Can I thank you all, dudettes, for being so wonderful and filling in for me in my craziness? For all your great comments? Beers and smoked meat on me babes. 


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12 responses to “Hello/Bonjour!

  1. Mmmmm! Bon Appétit! Glad that you are getting your salty and sweet.

  2. Oh, ditto! You should have seen me dig into shawarma last night. I ate so. much. lamb. baaaaa….and the burnt milk pudding was ah-mazing. If you like Turkish food, we’re definitely going to have to head to this place sometime.

  3. Carlynn

    Oooh Sofra!?? I’ve been dying to go there.
    Anyway, A, I am glad it all worked out (dare I ask about the absent movers…?) and I love love love that photo of the two of you by the deli counter :o)
    You both look adorable and happy, which makes me happy. Have fun in Maine!!! I leave today for Toronto, and I’ll be thinking about how close we will be again… soon *makes gangsta Eastside sign with fingers*

  4. Ah, you and J are so happy and hilarious. I miss you. A lot. Hope you’re having a great time with your mommy, and wishing you a fabulous Maine trip. Allergy free, of course.

  5. Yes! Looks like such an amazing stop over!! On with the adventure, miss. Congrats!

  6. p.

    Oh the meat sweats

  7. Such a fun post. The photo of you two eating the sandwiches is so cute! And now you’ve made me hungry even though I don’t eat that much meat :))

  8. enjoy it! my entire family is from cornwall/ottawa.. i miss it 🙂

  9. Ian C

    Haha, I live about 30 steps away from Schwartz’s (just on the other side of that Shopper’s) and eat there WAY too often. Next time you’re here, try the place Main across the street – no lineup and I think the smoked meat is actually better! Then you have to go to Le Banquise for their poutine…ohhh wait, that’s where these extra 10 pounds came from…

  10. Carlynn

    Ian, you’re alive! Jesus. Are you hiding Elvis and Tupac in Montreal, too?

  11. Ian C

    No, just Michael Jackson. He’s hiding in my closet.

  12. you are so beautiful and inspiring!

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