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Hello lovelies. I am currently pressed as closely to the wall as I can with my trusty computer attempting to keep my internet connection with the “McFerguson Family” network who has so kindly forgotten to password protect their internet. Bless you. Just stopping in – the last few days were a bit like a whirlwind. I’m well aware I’m behind on being any sort of inspiring/talkative/interesting/trendy blogger lately (or ever) but we’re currently camped (I’m not even shitting you) in our new apartment. We arrived on a long weekend, and since this handy town we’ve moved into provides it’s own power , which you have to receive by signing up at city hall… We have no power. Only warmish water. No internet. No TV. And we’re not entirely sure when the movers get here. SO. Dear McFerguson Family – thank you for letting me send this SOS over the interwebs seeping through your walls. Dear bloggers? Commence the praying. Just joking. Drinking. Commence the drinking. xo 

PS – Ray Fenwick is a really REALLY incredible illustrator originally from Halifax, I highly recommend checking out his flickr. I bought a stack of his postcards, and some of you will be receiving them in the mail soon… 



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9 responses to “Camping.

  1. p.

    I like how you say “some of you” will be receiving them soon… *hehe*

    And I too would like to thank the McFerguson family! 🙂

  2. p.

    Question: any bloggers just post replys to other peoples blogs? If not? I may be onto something…


  3. I bought my lover a Ray Fenwick t-shirt that says ‘Rad’ and has a drawing of a lighthouse o it. Very rad indeed….

  4. No. Friggen. Way.
    Yikes!! I hope you get power soon! =/

  5. Oh boy. Camping is fun, right?

  6. I want to go for reals camping this week so badly. too bad Seattle rain slapped me in the face this week. Its so damn wet all of a sudden. also, i forget, did I give you my new address yet?

  7. no! you totally didn’t. new address please!

  8. I hope City Hall gets things up and running for you today… and that the movers get there soon. I’ll be hoping and praying and drinking. For you, of course.

  9. Oh boy, I feel ya. We’re closing in on day 8 in the new apartment in SF and it’s just now starting to feel like we live in, like, an apartment (and not a box fort where our stuff purportedly is and where internet is supposedly available). It’ll alllll come together!

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