And on the 6th Day


Darlings, you must have been praying/drinking extra hard, because we have internet. Given, we still don’t have stuff, heat, food, and I’m still going to bed fully dressed to stay warm during the night – but we have internet. Which makes me feel just a little more connected and a titch bit happier. I start my couple classes tomorrow on the new (and beautiful) campus, so in light of the fact that the first class is near the frat house with a banner that reads “Stud Farm”, I offer you this scholastic site: “What’s for School Lunch?” discovered via the NYTimes this morning. On the internet. That I’m on. Hallelujah.



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7 responses to “And on the 6th Day

  1. Oh wow, this brings back memories of mashed potatoes piled onto a Styrofoam tray with an ice cream scoop. YUM!

  2. happy 9/9/09 and 17th grade, lady! enjoy being connected to teh tubes. šŸ™‚

  3. Welcome back to internet land. There may be no food or warmth here, but there are a lot of pretty shiny things to keep you distracted šŸ˜€

  4. Nicely done!!

    But I cannot fathom the lack of power situation. I need to wish harder for you, evidently. Or send you a blanket, stat.

  5. yay internet!
    ha, i love this site!

  6. p.

    I’ll send the prosti-tots over to the farm.

    Then release the gasses.


    Awaiting pictures of the new and beautiful campus.


  7. Oh my..everything looks plastic and indigestiable…thanks for the link. What are you studying in Maine?

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