things unsaid.

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I really did have full intentions of posting about our trip, about our adventures. I wanted an excited three part story that detailed the fun, the restaurants, the mishaps. But the farther away it got, the longer I waited to write about it.. the less I wanted to. 

Once when I was little, really young, I found a black triangle shaped rock in the playground. I was convinced that it was an arrowhead and I carried it around all morning in my pocket until lunch when I unveiled it to a circle of friends who promptly told me that it was definately a triangle shaped rock, and not an arrowhead at all. I was crushed. 

Sometimes I think that I need to keep more in my pocket. The hope that this vacation would reconnect me with a man that I love so much, the ridiculous laughter in a bar in the middle of Maine, the hilarity of J. getting all kissy when I order coffee in French in Quebec.. They seem so much more precious, so much more.. more.. when I don’t struggle to put them in the right words or find the right pictures to go with them. 

So suffice to say, it was beautiful. It wasn’t perfect, it may not have been what I envisioned months ago, but it was exactly and surprisingly what should have been, tears and laughter included. I will keep it in my pocket, and hope you understand. xo



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9 responses to “things unsaid.

  1. I’m so glad that you had a wonderful “vacation”. Thinking of you. xo

  2. I definitely understand. Some things are just more magical when they’re just yours.

  3. totally understand. im much the same way.
    sometimes what i DON’T write about is even more meaningful than what i do.

  4. ❤ this makes me happy happy.

  5. I think we can all identify with this. Sometimes there just aren’t any words. Some things can live on the page and some thrive in your memory. I’m glad you’ve been collecting some good ones.

  6. You have the most simple, profound way of putting things. It constantly amazes me- and I think we all get it ❤

  7. p.

    Whenever I turn my pockets inside out… I just get lint.

  8. Isn’t it so lovely to be mysterious and…hard. but oh so right. good for you!

  9. As long as you have everything in your heart and mind and you’re happy about it, that’s all that matters 🙂

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