Belated Monday Must Have -Sunja Link

Picture 4

Picture 6

Picture 8

{sunja link}

I think these are just the right colors to go from summer to fall. I have a beautiful olive colored Sunja Link jacket that I bought at Nokomis this summer, but what I wouldn’t do for the grey one in the first photo. Lovely, and beautiful styling too. 

Wish me luck today blogettes, I’m interviewing for the Features Editor position here. It seems a bit like a closed circle, but I’m doing my best to crack it. *nervous smile*


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8 responses to “Belated Monday Must Have -Sunja Link

  1. Good luck, doll. I’m pulling for you. xo

  2. p.

    This may be the only time you will hear this from me re:your fashion posts;
    I love all three. I can TOTALLY see you rocking the whole wack. Wonderfully.

  3. damn that Nokomis!
    also i LOVE the charcoal gray trim
    on that trim wall. too much.

  4. love the jean shirt and skirt combo. also, CONGRATS on your job! I hope that the next job hunt goes well!

  5. AH! I want everything in those photos, especially the outfit in the second image. Love it!

  6. fran

    gorgeous denim. you’ve committed that blogging sin of making me want to spend an awful lot of money…

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