Wanted Wednesday – Louis Reith

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Picture 9

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{louis reith via Design Dig}

I’m really liking these works by Louis Reith – we haven’t put up any art on the walls at the new house yet, and we’re trying to decide what exactly we want up and where. Perhaps I can get one of these into the mix… 

It’s raining hard again here for the 3rd day in a row, which while making my skin as plump and happy as a new grape,  is making my spirits as soggy as toast in a puddle. There is a delicious little cafe here with the best feta/olive/cucumber/sprout sandwhiches and tasty chai, I may just hide there all day!

Some really nice news – I got the features editor position for the paper, which is very exciting. AND I have an interview today at 2 for a real job ( the paper will pay enough to cover tuition, so I need something else to cover our rent)! Things are coming up roses…Maybe because of all of the rain. *smile* 

xo lovelies.



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11 responses to “Wanted Wednesday – Louis Reith

  1. Oh hooray! I can’t wait to read some of your articles for the paper. Congrats, love. I’m glad that you’re doing so well out there already.

  2. I’m so glad things are working out- you deserve it! I’m really proud of you too 🙂

  3. Congrats! I love that such wonderful things are coming your way!

  4. Congratulations paper girl! Now if you could just work your way up to editor in chief of the world, and then give me a job, I’d appreciate it.
    Happy for you!

  5. congrats dear! i am starting to worry that i won’t find anything here once parental leave is kaput. oh art world, you can be so cruel.

  6. p.

    I had no doubts 🙂

    Congrats A

  7. fran

    huzzah! well done.

  8. oba! great news. hip hip



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